batch image resizing

Resizing a lot of images quickly in paint or something similar takes a lot of time. This is a python script that resizes the .jpg images in a specified folder. Several differently dimensioned images can be generated for each original image and can be differentiated by the postfix associated with each size.

The script is called as:
python foldertoconvert
where is the script displayed below.

The resized images are dumped into the directory the script is already in.

#configure dimensions to resize images
postfixs = ['thumb'	,'large'	,'small'	]
heights  = [105		,600		,300		]
widths   = [140		,800		,400		]


from os  import listdir
from PIL import Image	# requires PIL
import sys

#get the directory full of images to process
path = sys.argv[1]	
#get the names files in directory
contents = listdir(path)

for item in contents:
	#make sure the file extention is a .jpg
	if item[-4:] != '.jpg':

	#get a path to the original image
	filepath = path + '/' + item

	#generate a scaled version of the image for each column in config 
	for idx, postfix in enumerate(postfixs):
		height = heights[idx]
		width  = widths[idx]

		img =
		img = img.resize((width, height), Image.ANTIALIAS)

		newpath = item[:-4] + '_' + postfix + '.jpg', 'JPEG', quality=90)