Cable Crossover Machine

A few years ago I realized how useful cable crossover machines were while doing physical therapy after a shoulder injury. Cable machines can be more more flexible than freeweights for isolating small muscle groups and functional training. This flexibility is gained because resistance can be applied from almost any angle rather than positioning the body relative to a force normal to the ground.

Python CarTalks Puzzle

I just heard an old episode of "Car Talks" and they gave the following puzzle:

I wanted to see how quickly I could solve it in python without attempting to be efficient and ended up with this:

Software on github

I got a github account:

First Batch of PCBs

My goal is to practice designing PCBs as well as make something useful. Here is a very simple board that drives a text lcd using an atmel atmega 328.

The boards

batch image resizing

Resizing a lot of images quickly in paint or something similar takes a lot of time. This is a python script that resizes the .jpg images in a specified folder. Several differently dimensioned images can be generated for each original image and can be differentiated by the postfix associated with each size.

The script is called as:
python foldertoconvert
where is the script displayed below.

The resized images are dumped into the directory the script is already in.

Mini Mill Brushless Spindle Drive

I burnt out the old motor on my milling machine and replacement motors are expensive. I decided to try a big brushless motor sold for use in rc airplanes. The thing I didn't think about was how expensive it would be to supply 30 volts/100 amp power to the spindle.

Extracting Large Broken Screws

An adapter broke off in the pump manifold on my pressure washer, a new manifold was $60 and a new adapter is $15- an entire new pump assembly is $120. I don't like getting screwed out of money so I decided to attempt to remove the broken stub from the adapter so I could reuse the manifold and just replace the $15 adapter.

CNC Mini-Mill

Mill Specifications:
    Seig X2 with a conversion kit from 
    Old pentium 4 box running linux with realtime patches
    EMC control software (
    Brushless spindle conversion 

More to come whenever I have some time to kill.

9x19 Lathe

Here is my 9x19 lathe I got from Harbor Freight. I have added DRO scales and the original metal stand was replaced with a sturdier one made from square steel tube.

Barebones Server

Here is a server that was specifically made to do protein folding simulations for the fold@home project. The enclosure is a 4u rackmount tray with nuts glued in to accommodate the motherboard's mounting screws. The power supply was clamped in place using crosspieces that came with the enclosure. The hard drive is attached using heavy duty velcro.


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