Reading STL formatted CAD files

I had to process some CAD files for my rapid prototyping machine project so I came up with the following as a starting point. An STL files describe a set of triangular facets that form a mesh that approximates any three dimensional shape. I wrote this code to allow me to read a file and generate an array of facet data from the binary STL format.

We need a few helper classes.

An ordered triplet of 32 bit floats.

Simple C# Webserver

I wanted to set up a simple interface to serve information online without having to install a bunch of stuff and read through a bunch of documentation about configuration. I came up with a class and an interface in c# that should simplify/standardize some of my other projects.

The handler interface provides access to the request and response streams for each request

rapid prototyping machine: update 1

Here are some pictures of prototype electronics system. The idea is to get all the electronics, including the power supply built onto one PCB. It turns out the surplus ATX power supply used can't deliver close to its rated power; whole thing shuts down when driving more than one stepper motor so a bench supply is was instead.

Physical prototype assembled

Here are some pictures of the rapid prototyping machine assembled as well as some pictures of the machining process.

All of this was done on a CNC Sieg X2 milling machine(the large enclosed red machine). I did the CNC conversion on that so this project is fairly straightforward.


CAD model of mechanical systems done

Jason got the CAD model almost done(a few brackets and bushings are missing).

Pictures inside.


serial port webserver

I want to make useful APIs in a bunch of languages for a project that needs to use a computers serial port. Few languages include platform independent serial libraries and I wanted to avoid writing lots of the same code in different languages. Most languages include some way of sending requests and reading websites so I made a webserver that would parse incoming get requests and write data out of the serial port. The server blocks until it can read the complete response from the serial port, then parses that and writes a response back to the calling application over the network.


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